Projects and events

PhD Seminar 2021

On the 9th and the 30th of March, the Belgian Center for Company Law organises its second PhD Seminar.  Five doctoral students from five different Belgian universities will present their research and subsequently engage in a debate with a respondent and the other participants. The seminar program is available here. This event is only open to members.

Online discussion sessions

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the Belgian Center for Company Law organises the following online discussion sessions for its members:

  1.  “De vermenigvuldiging van het brood en de wijn: hoeveel vennootschappen kan één persoon oprichten”, moderated by prof. Marieke Wyckaert – 30 October 2020, 5PM-6PM
  2. “Heeft het zin dat juristen spreken over “corporate purpose”?”, moderated by prof. Hans De Wulf – 11 December 2020, 5PM-6PM
  3. “De BV als flexibele standaardvorm: speelt de BV de NV uit het veld en is de BV goed uitgerust om de CVBA te ontvangen”, moderated by prof. Robby Houben – 12 February 2021, 5PM-6PM
  4. “De positie van de aandeelhouder in het insolventierecht. Wat brengt de Herstructureringsrichtlijn?”, moderated by Arie Van Hoe – 23 April 2021, 5PM-6PM
  5.  « Liberté, égalité, fraternité », moderated by prof. Yves De Cordt – 28 May 2021, 5PM-6PM
  6. “De zin en onzin van de uitbreiding van de definitie van de vennootschap naar de “andere doelen”: laten kiemen of wieden?”, moderated by prof. Alain François – 11 June 2021, 5PM-6PM

Members can register here for the fourth session.

PhD Seminar 2019

On 19 November 2019, the Centre (led by Alain François and Diederik Bruloot) held its first PhD Seminar at the Ghent faculty of law. Five doctoral students from five different Belgian universities presented their research and subsequently participated in a debate with a respondent and the other participants. The seminar programme is available here. Some photos from the seminar can be found below.

The Code of companies and associations through the eyes of our neighbours

The Centre will organise a seminar entitled “The Code of Companies and Associations through the eyes of our neighbours”. Four eminent academics from neighbouring countries will be invited to debate four important aspects of the reform, each introduced by a Belgian colleague. The seminar was set to take place in March 2020, but has been postponed sine die due to the covid-19 crisis.

The programme will be as follows:

  • Loes Lennarts (the Netherlands): Governance and director’s liability, introduced by Prof. Hans De Wulf
  • Bruno Dondéro (France): Double voting rights in listed companies, introduced by Prof. em. Jean-Marie Nelissen Grade
  • Christoph Teichmann (Germany): The “company without capital”, introduced by Prof. Diederik Bruloot
  • Isabelle Corbisier (Luxembourg): Incorporation theory, introduced by Prof. Roman Aydogdu