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Coppens Prize – call for candidates

The Coppens Prize will be awarded for the 8th time in 2023. This prize (15.000 €), rewards a PhD in law of a European university, who is not older than 40 years and has authored, within the last five years, a thesis or work representing an original contribution to corporate law or to a legal […]

TRV-RPS (2022/3): “Rechtspersonenrecht in beweging – Droit des personnes morales en évolution”

The directors of the BCC have contributed to the latest edition of TRV-RPS (2022/3): « Rechtspersonenrecht in beweging – Droit des personnes morales en évolution ». De bestuurder – Robby Houben Zijn de blijvende verschillen tussen NV en BV gerechtvaardigd ? – Hans De Wulf Over de ‘versterkte goede trouw’ – Niels Appermont Het intern reglement – […]

Database CCA parliamentary proceedings finalized

Our database with compilations of the CCA’s parliamentary proceedings has been finalized: the documents with respect to books 13 to 18 now also contain tracked changes reflecting modifications between (draft) texts and hyperlinks to the justification of approved amendments